Steffan Jaskolski

Account Manager - QLD

After starting a career in account management in the UK for a global organisation I realised this was where my passion lay. Since moving to Australia in 2014, I have worked as a supplier to the healthcare industry. I have an in depth understanding of the need for quality equipment and exceptional customer support within this field.

This is really what drew me to TIE; knowing that I bring my experience, integrity and dedication to customers but also provide them with the highest quality services. I am excited to learn and grow with TIE and to form many new relationships with the healthcare industry.

Burke Alford

Production Engineer

With a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, my role as Production & Design Engineer is diverse and exciting. Our Engineering team covers all aspects of diversity from custom modifications and specialty design, to the development of speciality, purpose built and manufactured medical devices. My role in orchestrating R&D projects is at the forefront of TIE’s constant evolving and adaptation to the current and evolving industry. Alongside this, I manage the power tool department as well as the flexible and rigid endoscope departments.

James Osborne

Managing Director

Since starting in 2005 as an apprentice Surgical Instrument Technician alongside my father, I have dedicated myself to TIE and the Australian Medical Device Market. Through years of training and experience, I have developed a deep, technical understanding of medical devices and also the industry in which they exist. This, along with the overall direction of TIE, actively works to improve the quality and handling of medical devices available for use throughout the country. My strong focus on quality is one of the main drives for TIE’s success. I am excited to bring like-minded people together to achieve greatness and to make a difference.

Annie Rapana

Administration Manager

When I started in 2014, TIE was a small family business which consisted of 3 non family staff. I have since had the pleasure of watching TIE grow exponentially through its endless dedication and commitment to its customers. My attention to detail, passion for my role and drive to make a difference quickly developed and I progressed to oversee our Administrative processes. A life change in 2017 saw my return to TIE in Victoria as an Account Manager where I remained for 18 months prior to returning to the Gold Coast as the Administration Manager. Today, I manage a Team of 4 and bring motivation & dedication to our Customer Service Team, whilst providing the support, resources and services to our customers that they deserve.

Tania Valli

Account Manager - NSW & ACT

With over 25 years’ experience in account management and sales, I bring to my customers knowledge, passion and drive to make a difference. My role at TIE as Account Manager for NSW & ACT enables me to ensure my customers are getting the best possible service, all the while proving me with the fulfilment that I am making a difference. I have a deep passion for providing quality customer service and support with a focus on building strong, long term relationships, whilst ensuring successful outcomes. TIE enables me to deliver a high standard of service and quality to not only my customers, but in return to each patient that walks through the hospital doors.

I look forward to working alongside existing and future customers, in providing a strong, reliable service that each hospital deserves.

Danielle Osborne

Staff & Customer Liaison Manager

TIE has been a part of my life since I was born, but officially from 2009 when I started my role in administration throughout my University studies.
I am very proud to be working within not only my family business, but a company that prides itself on its quality of work, dedication and loyalty to its customers, and endless commitment to ensure a better quality of instrument, is placed in a surgeons hand.

My background as a Registered Nurse has enabled me to better understand our customer’s needs, and enables me to provide assistance and guidance through any challenge or concern.

The team and I will always go above and beyond to make your TIE experience the best it can possibly be, time and time again.