For over 30 years TIE has been listening to its customers and the needs of the industry, together we have structured a set of services to benefit all faculties of surgery.

TIE is in no way affiliated with, or a recognised provider of services on behalf of the manufacturers featured.

Repairs and Maintenance

TIE offers a large range of engineering capabilities with techniques and workshop facilities designed to extend the life of today’s delicate, multifunctional, surgical instrumentation.

Repairing surgical instruments to perform or enhance their original function offers significant cost savings when compared with replacements.

We repair all of the general instruments like scissors, needle holders, osteotomes etc, but we specialise in the more high end repairs like ophthalmic, arthroscopic, urology, neurology, ENT, fess just to name a few.

We can repair ALL BRANDS of instrumentation.

Advanced Instrument Repairs

Utilising the latest technologies, workmanship and high quality materials, TIE can now make the unrepairable, repairable.

For example:

  • Bent, kinked and cracked urology sheaths, working elements and any other sheath that a scope must pass through can be straightened, dents or kinks removed and the shafts polished to give the feel of a new instrument.
  • Stainless Steel bone nibblers, wire cutters and rongeurs with damaged jaws can now have the damage repaired rather than removed, this gives the feel of a new instrument, and increases the life of your instrumentation.
  • Arthroscopic punches, e.g. upbiters, back-biters, side cutters… can be sharpened and improved to a level that is the same or exceeds that of the original instrument.
  • Laparoscopic instrumentation with broken drive pins, jaw tails and jaw housings can all be repaired and strengthened.
  • Most urology equipment, flexible biopsy forceps and graspers, cholangiogram forceps, stent graspers and biopsy forceps can be completely overhauled to straighten scope channels, repair broken jaws, pins, locking collars and drive shafts.
  • And many other repair work that other repairers place in the “too-hard” basket.
  • All of the repairs above and many more can be performed for a fraction of the replacement cost without compromising quality, and for peace of mind all workmanship is guaranteed for 3 months.


Tool & Instrument Engineering have designed a set of services and the appropriate systems to ensure the highest quality outcomes are delivered each and every time.


We are trained to work on all types & brands of reusable medical devices and invest heavily in R&D – developing new and improved ways of doing things to ensure we remain the leaders at everything we do.


All work is conducted by fully qualified technicians and all workmanship and parts are guaranteed for 3 months.

The TIE Difference

TIE are the leaders in reusable medical device service, repair and management solutions.
We are passionate about keeping you at the forefront of surgical instrument technology.

TIE offers:

  • Obligation Free Quotations
  • A Standard 10 Working Day Turnaround Target
  • An Urgent Priority Turnaround Service
  • Overnight Delivery Anywhere in Australia
  • 30 Years Experience, Knowledge and Competence
  • Trained technicians to service and repair all brands
  • Access to a large range of OEM spare parts

Repair Services

Repairing surgical instruments to perform or enhance their original function offers significant cost savings when compared with replacement.

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Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance can significantly extend the life of your instruments and reduce capital expenditure.

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Lifecycle Management

Our Management Solution covers all aspects of instrumentation from scopes & power tools right down to scissors & needle holders.

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Spare Parts & Assemblies

With the cost of new instruments on the rise, a cost effective alternative to a replacement is needed more than ever.

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Laser Marking & Colour Coding

Utilising the latest Laser Marking and Colour Coding Technologies, TIE provides comprehensive instrument identification solutions.

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Assessment Services

If you are wondering whether to repair or discard surgical instruments, TIE can provide a comprehensive assessment, often resulting in considerable savings.

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